Thursday, November 17, 2016

Budget Friendly Boho Christmas Tree Decorations

Every free moment I've had this week has been devoted to getting our home ready for an upcoming Christmas home tour, and I wanted to share some tips on getting the look you want for your Christmas tree on a budget.

Today, I decorated our table top tree that is in our living room. I'm going to be honest...Christmas decorating stresses me out. It just seems like you have to add so much to your home and the colors never really seem to mesh with our existing pieces.

So, this year, I decided to add little bits here and there, only things that were totally my style, and things that reflect the current color palette in our home of neutrals, gold and black.

Here's a little collage of each step through the decorating process...

I started with a tabletop tree that was gifted to me several years ago from Balsam Hill (and I still adore it).  It comes in a pretty urn, but I wanted something that blended more with my space to I set it in a ceramic planter I found a few years back.

I wrapped a yard of plaid, flannel from Jo-Ann Fabric around the top of the planter and let it drape over the side.

Next, I added my garland, About 4 yards of gold trim (also from Jo-Ann's) around the tree, and spaced it out to my liking.

Then, I started adding in my ornaments. These are a combination that I found at Michaels and Dollar Tree (don't discount dollar stores for holiday d├ęcor!).

To fill in the gaps, and to give it a more bohemian feel, I added feathers to the tree. These were in just the regular crafting area at Jo-Ann's. I love, love, love that I was able to find them in black!

Lastly, I created a very simple, earthy topper using sticks from my yard. I love the height and dimension it gives.

Total: I spent under $30 on my decorating supplies and just about an hour of my time to decorate this tree exactly how I had envisioned it this year!

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