Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Bohemian Winter Wall Hanging

Despite my actual complete love for all things autumn, I know, being a blogger, I pretty much have to dive into Christmas as soon as Halloween passes in order to have our home camera ready in time.

So, I've spent these last couple of days since I returned from the General Finishes Expo in Chicago (it was so fabulous, by the way) getting my winter craft on.

One project I tackled was to create this boho inspired winter wall hanging. The lovely, warm white yarn makes it perfect for months of decorating.

Supplies: Straight stick cut to length, yarn (something really chunky that can be easily frayed), scissors, thread, decorative nails, leather cording.

I started by cutting my stick to my desired length (this one was 18"). I then cut three pieces of yarn to approximately 36" and knotted it to the stick. You can then finish the yarn any number of ways, and I did a combination. (If you are braiding, secure the end of your braid with thread before fraying.)

Below is the start of my wall hanging with a braided and frayed example, a frayed example and one left as is.

To hang, cut a length of leather cording to size and tie the ends into knots. Secure the knot with a decorative (upholstery) nail by pushing it into the end of the stick.

I slowly started packing away my fall and Halloween d├ęcor today and added in some Christmas touches, like this adorable and modern village from Target.

I'm not sure where this wall hanging will eventually land, I'm thinking dining room. I'm also thinking high as my four pawed little friend, Figgy has been enamored by this project!

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