Monday, January 30, 2017

Antiquing Road Trips: Blackstone Valley Massachusetts

This past weekend we decided we needed a little break. We headed off to one of our very favorite stores and I thought I would share our full day with you all as part of the Antiquing Road Trip series we have here.
We started off at Bernat Antiques in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. This is a multi dealer, two story antique shop that we've been going to for several years and I always, ALWAYS, leave with something.

I tried to keep myself in check, because my budget is tight right now, but I wanted that painting...

...and this lamp...

...and that bamboo rack.

I love this desk SO much.

And, this is always my favorite booth. It is so gorgeously staged and light and fresh.

Next up we went to The Blessing Barn in neighboring Mendon, Massachusetts. This was our first time visiting as I just recently discovered them after they started following me on Instagram.

I could best describe this as an upscale thrift shop. It's over the top gorgeous, organized and clean.  The building is amazing; at one point I completely admitted that I wanted to move in.

The housewares and d├ęcor are organized by color. I couldn't even stand how good it was.

I mean even these book page and yarn tassel displays are perfection. I immediately wanted to go home and craft my own.

Another store that we went to, and this is back over in Uxbridge, is Joyful Things. I tend to pop in whenever we are in the area. This is another store that is full of creativity and I always, always leave feeling completely inspired to tackle a new project.

We noticed during this visit that they have a lot more curiosities and are headed more with the industrial/masculine feel at the moment. (Local readers: think Rustology in Stafford, Connecticut.) 

Just a couple of last minute notes: There is one other store we have stopped in called The Brick Mill Marketplace in Uxbridge. It's a bit too country/primitive for my taste, so we left it off of this trip, but it's a gorgeous store.

Secondly, you can do this shopping trip and then just extend it right down into northern Rhode Island (will post our faves next time we head that way).

Lastly, we always try to do back roads when possible. On our way home we stopped at the Dudley Do Right Flea Market in Dudley, Massachusetts. It's your traditional cluttered market that you need to pick though and haggle over.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! If you frequent this area let me know of any places we may have missed!

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