Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Bakery Cart & Decorating to Avoid a Cluttered Look

I'm always in that constant struggle between I love stuff and I hate clutter. Do you feel that way too?

Literally, our antique bakery cart holds more of my decorative stuff than any other piece in our home.

And, I'm kind of OK with it. I've taken a few measures to make sure that it stays restrained and doesn't become a jumbled mess.

(Also, I just want to mention that if you want to see how I made this piece like a million times more functional by adding real shelves for just a few dollars check out this post.)

Ok, so first of all I stayed with a very minimal color palette. I focused on whites/creams, gold, natural wood and black/gray.

Secondly, I decorated using only a couple of different types of items.  I gathered pottery and accented with candles, utensils and plates...items that are relevant to a dining room.

Additionally, I added in bits of nature; something that I like to do in all areas of our home. That large stash of twigs in the antique glass jar are sprayed gold and the dried stems are literally overgrown weeds from the yard, but the stay within the palette and add texture and interest.


 P.S. those feathers are all Christmas ornaments, and I am not putting them away!


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