Monday, March 20, 2017

Aqua Dry Sink & Inspiration when Choosing Paint Colors

I just wanted to share one of my recent completed pieces with you all. Shades of aqua and turquoise are always my favorite and I picked a bright and cheery custom aqua for this vintage dry sink.

It might seem like an unusual color for such a country style piece, but I think it works so well (and I'll explain why I picked it in a second).

Typically, when I'm doing really traditional country furniture I stick with black, barn red or mustard yellow paint.

But, frequently, when we are out at antique stores I see such amazing old painted pieces in bold and colorful shades. Primitive and antique pieces were not always boring!

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And, I love to use ideas like this for inspiration.

So much better in aqua than in its original 1970s brown!

I did some distressing to the piece. I had contemplated glazing it to give it a really old feel, like the above examples, but in the end loved it as is.

This piece is available for sale in the northern Connecticut area. Please email for more information.

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