Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Creating Art

I can't even believe this, but this spring it will be five years that I have been painting furniture. (Click here to see some of my favorites.)

I never asked anyone for advice or assistance on how to paint a piece. This has been me doing constant research, trial and error and playing around with different techniques.

While I still keep a lot of my methods from when I first started, this past year I made a couple of really significant changes in how I finish furniture that I think sets myself apart from others...or at least what I see when we are out poking through antique marts.

Anyway, I love to refinish furniture. I love doing custom orders and seeing a client's vision come to life. And, I don't see myself slowing down on that at all. Especially when summer comes and my oldest is on vacation. He's honestly the best furniture prepper and that allows me to just focus on the finish of a piece.

But, when I first started doing furniture, I also did crafts. They were really quite popular and I'm not exactly sure why I moved away from that. Lately, I've been getting that itch to create little bits for the home to sell in addition to my finished furniture pieces.

I want them to reflect how I finish furniture and my own simple modern farmhouse style with a twist.  Not country signs, but something that is really unique to me.

I've spent some time lately creating these 10"-12" wood signs. Not with cute sayings, but more graphic designs with less distressing and really chunky frames.

I think once I have them assembled they will be an adorable and classic addition to a gallery wall or bookshelf.

The pictures I've shared in this post sort of show that process. Not every pattern makes the final cut. I'm my usual super selective, overly picky self.

I'm hoping these will be available for sale in the next week. I also plan to bring back chalkboards (which I had sold tons of in the past) and one more larger design especially for my home state followers.

Last thing. These will be available for shipment when finished. As always, custom orders are available.

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