Friday, May 5, 2017

Vintage Sideboard with O'verlays

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I've done so many great furniture pieces so far this spring (hoping to post a roundup of them soon), but this one certainly tops the list!

Today I'm sharing my latest entry for The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest! This month's theme is Cut & Paste and is sponsored by O'verlays.

I've painted and refinished furniture for many years and have never used anything like this.  Let me tell you's life changing. It takes the most boring piece of furniture and makes it stand out and be something truly special. (For reference I used this one.)

Also, can I just share something totally crazy.  Because of time constraints with ordering for this contest, and how difficult it is to sometimes find quality furniture, I actually had to place my O'verlays order without having my project piece! So stressful and I just had to say a little prayer it would all work out.  I totally think it did!

This is how my cabinet looked when I got it. I actually thought it was really interesting with the wood grains, but had some deep gouges and, I felt, could benefit from painting. Also, I loved how it was a plain blank slate.  I immediately pictured white with gold accents and got to work. (Note: You can see our uncut, unpainted O'verlays on top of the cabinet.)

I first painted the piece in an off white, lightly distressed it and sealed it for protection.

I came up with my initial plan for using the O'verlays on the doors and Darrell tweaked it to minimize the necessary cuts.  He measured and trimmed each piece according to the directions (which was really rather easy).  The company recommends using spray paint if you want to change the color of the product, and, although I'm not a big fan of that type of paint, I can completely see how beneficial it is in a project like this. Two coats of paint and it was perfect!

After we let them dry thoroughly Darrell applied the O'verlays according to our instruction sheet. It was very easy using a bit of Liquid Nails and a small brush.

I cannot even begin to stress how happy I am with the
outcome of our project. The pattern just elevated the cabinet from plain to truly a statement piece!

Saved by Scottie FFFC - main graphic

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