Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Farmhouse Boxwood Topiary

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Hi friends!

I just wanted to share a new little update to our living room with you all. Recently, reached out to me and provided me with the opportunity to add some faux plants to our home.

Since I love boxwood, I was immediately drawn to these topiaries.

I moved our old, black bench over to the planked wall and styled it quickly. I've been thinking about permanently putting the bench here, but that would require a major change in seating in the room, and I'm not quite there yet.

One thing that I loved about these plants are the metal buckets they're in. It gives them a perfect farmhouse feel.

The other thing I love it that you can change the look of the topiaries very easily. Since the buckets are small I just placed mine in these unfinished wood pots for a more rustic feel.

I also want to give you a quick close up so you can see how realistic these look. I love the texture on the bark.

You can find additional boxwood options here.

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