Thursday, October 17, 2019

The WORST Thrift Store Shoppers

We had the best conversation about awful thrift store shoppers on Instagram and Facebook yesterday and I thought I would compile all the comments here. If you have something to add, please leave it below.

The backstory...earlier this week I was at my local thrift store where I found these amazing primitive wood bowls (amongst other items) for such a ridiculously great price. (The three bowls, and one is quite large, was $14. Total! And, if you shop at antique stores, you know this was a complete bargain.) Anyway, it seemed as if a big lot of vintage/antique things had just been put out. A woman buying some of the other items looked at me for an uncomfortable amount of time and then leaned into my cart as if she was going to pull the bowls right out for herself.

Fast forward to me paying and the cashier commented on the great deal I got. I casually mentioned that I thought a woman was about to grab it all out of my cart and she said that happens all the time.

In my 7+ years of thrifting this has never happened to me, so I asked my social media followers to weigh in. Here are their comments. And some are truly shocking!

And, ready to hear some solutions...I thought these were pretty great!

I find the behavior of people to be completely fascinating.  Really, in a tragic and sad way, but nonetheless, this discussion was incredibly eye opening. What are your experiences/thoughts?

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