Monday, June 15, 2020

DIY Wallpaper Scroll Art

Hi friends!

A couple of weeks ago I was able to work on this fun project for my bedroom with the help of Photowall

I love the look of wallpaper, but with being sick and, in general, being a commitment phobe decorator, I decided to create a wallpaper scroll to hang behind my bed. I had scoured Pinterest for inspiration on prints and fabric hung in unique ways and thought I could achieve the same look with this gorgeous, thick wallpaper. 

What you need:
Trim (decorative for the front, flat for the back)
Brad nailer
Wood filler (optional)
Hooks and wire or string to hang

I started by cutting my trim pieces to just a bit wider than the total width of my wallpaper panels. 

Next I painted the trim in a complementary shade of gray and let it fully dry. I used chalk paint for a matte finish and didn’t seal it. 

I then lined up the wallpaper panels on the flat trim and stapled it into place. I did this at both the top and bottom of the panels. (Adding trim to the bottom keeps the panels steady and gives them weight to hang properly.)

I placed the decorative trim on top of the flat trim and wallpaper I had just stapled and used my brad nailer to attach. (If there are any divots in the wood from the nails just add a little wood filler and touch up the paint.)

To hang, I just added some hooked and twine to the back. This project is overall very lightweight and easy to attach to the wall with a simple screw or nail. 

I love this simple, neutral and fresh look for summer. What do you think? Tell me how you’ve used wallpaper in your home. 

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