Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holiday Housewalk 2020

Oh my goodness, friends. I can’t believe another Holiday Housewalk hosted by Jennifer Rizzo upon us again. 

I’m so humbled to be included Christmas after Christmas and this year is especially significant to me. After being diagnosed with cancer in January, this tour is literally what held me together. I would plan and dream about how I would decorate while I sat there through 10+ months of awful treatments and procedures.

My house also looks a bit different this year. No, I haven’t moved, but things have shifted and I will share more soon.

If you are coming from Golden Boys and Me I welcome you and I hope you find some holiday cheer and joy with my simple Christmas tour. 

This is my version of an easy and toned down holiday because, to be honest, I’m working full time and am having a rough go with my cancer maintenance meds. So, this tour is dedicated to all you who are looking for some quick and cost effective Christmas ideas.

First of all, I knew I wanted to add in some color to my overwhelmingly neutral decor. I’m not really a red fan (I know that’s like the hallmark of Christmas) but, I do love a rusty burnt orange, and that seems to give a similar vibe as the red, just more toned down and subtle.

I ordered some super pretty velvet ribbon from Amazon in my chosen color. Then panicked and ordered another spool. And, I’m so glad I did! I used them both. You’ll see why when we get to my tree.

My tour starts in my mudroom, where I tied together an unused garland into a wreath using that pretty ribbon. It pairs so nicely with my heirloom vintage rug. For an added holiday touch, I filled a basket with a variety of faux trees and picks.


My kitchen looks very different from previous years. My island has been replaced with an eight foot long table and I’m so obsessed with it! A plaid throw with bits of orange and trees and garlands collected from Target over the years keeps my theme simple, yet festive. 

My sitting room holds my large tree, which I’ve placed in a basket and secured using a vintage fur throw from the thrift store. I tied strands of the velvet ribbon to nearly every branch and I think it gave it such a classic feel. The area is rounded out with lots of textiles in neutral shades of white, along with some of my favorite collections: books, brass and antique mirrors. 

I’ve wavered on adding simple white, frosted and clear glass ornaments to the tree. Maybe as the season progresses I will, but for now, I love how they look in this garden bowl. 

On to my bedroom, which is my personal favorite, as I absolutely love sleeping with a lit Christmas tree. I gave the urn of my table top tree a new life this year with a coat of white chalk paint. I then added some battery operated lights, along with more of that pretty ribbon. Wreaths, garlands, velvet pillows and rustic ornaments complete the look. 

If you’ve been a long time follower (especially on social media) you know that my rescue cat, Figgy, usually steals the show. He was having none of that this year and was an absolute grinch when it came to photographs, but his expression was just too much not to share. I hope it brings you a laugh, too! 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you so, so much for stopping by. Next on the tour is Redhead Can Decorate.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis Angela and I am happy to hear your treatments are over. Your new kitchen table is gorgeous! I would love to have a long wooden table like that as the centerpiece of my kitchen! I love the little ribbons hanging from the tree and now I want a little tree in my bedroom. Wishing you and your family and especially Figgy a wonderful Christmas!
    Kelly Elko

  2. The ribbons on the tree are just beautiful! I always love your high contrast colors mixed with earthy, modern, and vintage touches. And I pray that 2021 brings you abundance in health and happiness.

  3. Angela, I always love your home for the holidays! I'm praying you start to feel better and 2021 is much better for you. Merry Christmas!

  4. Angela, I had no idea you've been dealing with so much in 2020. I wish you good health and a better time with your medications. I LOVE your home and always have. That table is fabulous. Love how you mix vintage, modern, boho and classic simple style. I love your trees and I love it with just the ribbons. So simple. Your cat says it all - perfectly sums up 2020. Ha! Ha! I had a good chuckle. Thank you for the tour and wishing you so much happiness and good health in 2021.

  5. Angela, I also love a tree in the bedroom. Nothing like falling asleep to the twinkle of lights. My prayers are with you as your health improves. Happy Holidays to you and Figgy.

  6. Angela - you’ve been such an inspiration through all this and still you continue to be a light❤️ Everything is amazing and all the changes are soooo fabulous! The table in the kitchen😮😮😮 I love the orangey tones especially as well❤️

  7. Hey! I have a rescue kitty named Figgy - who is black and white - too! Love your home. Feeling all the Christmas warm fuzzies.

  8. Your home is magical Angela. I love it so much! I pinned some images to share :)


  9. I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis. Your home looks so lovely. I hope it provides comfort to you this season!

  10. Just had to add my prayers to everyone elses so we can lift you up! I went through the same thing the year previous with similar timing to yours - so kudos to you for being able to add some Christmas joy around your home. I know it must have been so tiring for you, but so lovely to be able to get some peace and joy from the touches of the season.

    Tanya Patrice

  11. beautful! your room looking is very beautful. I LOVE your home and always have.
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