Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dramatic Dining Room Hutch Transformation

I've been working on my dining room for a couple of months now and I'm finally seeing it all come together.  My plans for the room changed from my original thoughts that I wrote about here, but I am so in love with the space and all the elements that have been included.
One reason that things didn't go as planned was because we couldn't sell our large hutch.  We called every consignment store, estate buyer and listed it on craigslist, but there was just no interest. 
My husband originally wanted to use just the bottom piece in the room and store the large upper portion in the garage. 
I lived with it like this for awhile, but the scale of the furniture was all wrong in the room and it killed me to have the top of the hutch rotting away in our old garage.  Eventually, I convinced my husband to let me paint the piece and remove the doors for open shelving and I am so happy he agreed because this is what I came up with.

We bought a lot of new furniture in the late 1990s when we got married.  Below you can see how the hutch originally looked.  The dark wood was way too heavy in the room and totally overwhelmed the space.

Painted white, the hutch just seems to fade away and blend into the space.

I kept the doors off of the upper part of the hutch to make it more open and give the illusion of free floating shelves.

The shelves show off my thrifted collections so wonderfully; I just love having my decanters, silver and white pottery out on display.  And, because I shop mostly at thrift stores, it did not cost me a lot to fill this cabinet.

A close up of the bottom. I just love how the details show with the distressing, plus I changed the knobs. I absolutely love the knobs.

Here are some close up shots of how I styled the shelves:

I used my rusty birdcage to corral all of my silver and pewter creamers and sugar bowls.

I'm pretty sure that everything happens for a reason because I could not love this piece of furniture any more than I do now.  I'm so glad it didn't sell and that I had the opportunity to transform it.

Be sure to stop by next week as I will be revealing my entire dining room makeover.  Also, for more inspiration check out my Delightful Dining Rooms, DIY for the Home - Transforming Wood and Furniture with Paint and Displaying Collections boards on Pinterest.

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