Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bedroom Updates {Nightstands & Lights}

I've been moving right along with our master bedroom update and this past weekend we were able to tackle the nightstands and lighting.

I don't know if I mentioned this before or if it was just an idea swirling around in my head (believe me there are lots of them), but I wanted to add in modern touches to the space.  I have been completely obsessed with Rustic Modern and Antique with Modern decorating lately, and you can read a recent post I did about the latter, here.
Anyway, I decided to go modern, simple and streamlined for our nightstands so we headed to IKEA.  After tons of research and lots of thinking we purchased the Lillangen Wall Cabinets for either side of the bed.
Besides the modern aesthetic, there were a couple of other reasons I went with wall hung cabinets, rather than something more traditional.  The first, is that because of a bump out and our closet door we have limited space for the bed and nightstands. Choosing a wall cabinet lightened up the space and is less cluttered and intrusive than a piece of furniture that would go all the way to the floor.
The second reason is the height of our bed. It is super high. And, as a result it became virtually impossible to find tables that I liked and that were the proper size.
Moving on to the lights...I have always loved the look of sconces on either side of the bed and, since the new cabinets are a narrow depth, it made perfect sense to use them here.
We ended up going with the Ranarp Clamp Spotlight, also from IKEA.  I've wanted them forever and they are as fantastic as I had imagined.
My husband loves the fun cord and I love the mix of metals with white.
I still have a couple of more things to do in the space. One is to definitely find a new dresser for my husband. The more we change in this room, the more his 1990s armoire stands out. Also, I would love a small chair or bench. Of course, both of these will take time as I am searching for something older (at least for the dresser).
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