Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Home Updates & Changes

Morning! I thought I would give you a peak inside our home to see what I've been painting/updating/thrifting/changing/decorating.
First up, I had to share this picture of the front of our home. Our very favorite time of the year is when this tree is in bloom!

Also, I had to have some trim work done because of rot around the front door and I took that opportunity to paint the door black. I am loving how classic it looks and it goes much better with our style than the red (now just to repaint the foundation and garage at some point)! 

I also found the perfect little accessory...this hare door knocker from Anthropologie.

I also ended up selling and parting with a couple of pieces. First, the settee was sold. It was originally my Mom's and I just felt like I was forcing it into my style, just for the sake of having it. I'm still in the process of tweaking the entry.

Restyled bookshelves and a vintage chair from the flea market. (The mid century end table is new, also...I will share a before and after on Thursday.)

I moved the black secretary next to the front door (need to find another chair for it as the contractor for our bathroom bought a few pieces from me). I'm loving how putting the chair over here has opened up the room (but it also is providing a great launching pad for Figgy to get on the mantel).

My Mom really, really loved the Antique Pantry Cabinets (and as much as I loved the storage) they really fit so much better in her home. With the cabinets gone I moved the ASCP Hutch into the living room. (We also added two more of the IKEA lamps like we got for our bedroom on either side of the couch.)

A summery animal print pillow from Pottery Barn...

I scored the huge brass tray for under $20 recently. The man who sold it to me told us how it used to belong to his mother and how she would always weave colorful ribbons around the edges and fill it with baklava.  My youngest told the man to not sell it (because of the good memories, my husband in upset it is filled with candles and not baklava...since I'm 50% Greek).

The upstairs hallway...I may have painted over the stencil. The imperfection was killing me...

Lastly, the master bedroom. The only recent update I have made was to add in a rug that matched better. (There are still a couple of pieces we need for the space, but nothing has caught my eye just yet).

So, that's where we're at. I have been painting furniture like a maniac lately. My Mom has been helping with homeschooling more and more (which I am so grateful for).  Hopefully, tomorrow I will share where I am on the bathroom (starting to buy tiles and such) and I will definitely need opinions on the kitchen. I am stumped on countertops....