Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[Project Notebook] Gallery Walls

Being both a collector and someone who despises clutter I love gallery walls. It's like the best of both worlds. I get to display collections, while at the same time keeping things neat, orderly and organized.  I already have a couple in my home. You can see my huge family picture gallery wall in this post and my bedroom silhouette wall here.
I'm slowly starting to gather items for a gallery wall in my living room. (We are planning some updates in there this year.) And when I revamp the television area I would like to incorporate a small gallery. However, unlike the other two that I previously shared, that are based more on a cohesive theme, I would like this one to be more collected/eclectic.
Here is where I am inspiration wise so far:

1 Source  2 Source  3 Source  4 Source  5 Source

Do you have gallery walls in your home? Please tell me about them!


  1. I too love things but definetelly NOT clutter and these wall galleries are fabulous! I dream of making one with artwork, but I need a few smaller pictures. I also love the plate walls and I do have one in my dining room. Thanks. Have a nce t. Pat's Day.

  2. Ok, so I came over here from Emily's blog and have loved what I've seen of your home! Your antiques are seriously awesome. Anyway- gallery walls... I just did one in our office and it is now my favorite part of our home. It's totally slapped together with paintings and stuff I have had for years, but the fact that almost every piece has sentimental value makes it perfect in my eyes. I am glad that I did the whole craft paper template thing though. We lived with brown squares on the wall for several months, tweaking as we went.
    Looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. Love gallery walls! I've always been too afraid to try one. There's an art to mixing and matching the exact right things together! Maybe someday... :) Great examples!

  4. I sort of have on around the tv in the livingroom, finally though I'll have a whole wall in the diningroom! When we moved the bookcase into the office space it left one wall to do this with. All the frames with be black and I've been collecting them here and there!

  5. Gallery wall are so elegant, love your inspiration. Have fun getting it together!

  6. Thanks for the great inspiration. I look foward to seeing your gallery wall finished.


  7. Your inspiration is simply wonderful! I've got a gallery wall in my living room and it's never easy to put together. I think the secret is to work with items that you really, really love :)

  8. Love gallery walls and I have one of various paintings, old photographs, etc - all in black and white with black frames. But I need to re-arrange it and find a better arrangement. I should try the brown paper method to see if it will work. Wish me luck! Love your blog.


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