Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Project Notebook] Color Trend: Marigold Yellow

I'm no stranger to decorating with bold marigold (as I've recently seen it described) or mustard seed yellow.
Remember my gossip bench from last year? You can check it out in my fall entryway here. That was actually my most popular post ever!  And my $24.99 gold thrift store chair has been a comfy staple in my living room since I brought it home close to a year ago.

 So the other day, when I sat down to look at the new West Elm catalogue, I was thrilled to see pops of this gorgeous gold gracing the pages.  Here are some of my favorite marigold home accessories.

 I think the thing I love most about this color is how versatile it is. It can blend just as easily in traditional décor as it does in modern or vintage and adds a playful element to any room.  I'm obviously searching for ways to incorporate more of this fun color into our home, especially with summer coming!

What do you think, is marigold yellow a hit or a miss in your own home?




  1. I was just thinking of painting a bench this marigold color. Confirmed. Thanks!

  2. You really do this color justice! It's a perfect accent color.


  3. Oh my goodness. When I was a child, my mom had furniture upholstered in that fabric. It looks that similar. Yours looks in perfect condition.

    If one holds on to it long enough it comes back it style.

  4. I love this goldy-yellow colour! It looks so fresh and retro/modern. Your gossip bench is absolutely adorable!!
    Krista @thehappyhousie


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