Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[Project Notebook] Kitchen Inspiration & Plans

I have been trying to get caught up on all of my custom furniture painting orders this week so that I can tackle a project that I have been itching to do for years now...paint my kitchen cabinets! I have spent so much time pouring over decorating magazines and pinning my favorite kitchens and I am so ready to get this thing going. And, I know there has been more than one [Project Notebook] posts devoted to this topic!
Like the rest of my house, I want it to be eclectic and collected, with a mix of modern country and vintage styles. And, we've been doing bits here and there...we added in the stainless island and reworked the light with a drum shade last year.  This year I painted the back splash with chalkboard paint and bought that country cupboard a couple of weeks ago.
Here is my plan...cannot wait!
1 Source  2 Source  3 Source  4 Source  5 Source 
6 Source  7 Source  8 Source

So to recap, I'm doing open upper cabinets, lots of chalkboard, glass and pewter hardware, white shades, white upper cabinets with dark lower cabinets, neutral gray walls and a pretty, light colored counter top.
And here are some of favorite inspiration pictures for styling kitchen spaces.

1 Source  2 Source  3 Source  4 Source  5 Source

I can't wait to share my progress and I hope this gets done sooner, rather than later!




  1. wow - it's going to be lovely - can't wait to see it all in place! I know it's going to be gorgeous!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. I love reveals, especially kitchens. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. I love everyone of your inspiration photos!
    I'm excited to see what you do!

  4. Chalkboards are great in a kitchen and the open shelving will be great too. Anxious to see the reveal!


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