Thursday, August 1, 2013

Decorating Imperfectly/Wabi-Sabi

You all know that two of my fav things ever are Pinterest (you can find me pinning here) and hunting for vintage and antique finds.  That's why, a few weeks ago, when I stumbled across a pin that was entitled, Embracing Wabi-Sabi (here) I was intrigued.

(Worn entry-way mirror.)

So, what is wabi-sabi? According to an article on Apartment Therapy (here):

Wabi-sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection: it values simplicity, uncluttered, underplayed, and modest surroundings. Authenticity is key to wabi-sabi philosophy: the presence of cracks and scratches in things are considered to be symbolic of the passing of time, weather, and loving use--and should be embraced.

(Kitchen rug.)

I adore this philosophy! I love the naturally, overtime, worn and chippy bits of a piece that I hunt out. They're not imperfect nor do they ruin the object to me. Instead, I love to think about the history of it. Getting something that is antique, or at the very least vintage, is filled with a wonderful past and all these rips, chips, worn spots are just its story. Don't you love that?

(Tarnished brass living room lamp.)

The article also goes on to mention this:

Wabi-sabi decor...focuses more on the people who live in the space than anything else. Possessions and other items are pared down to the essentials based on utility, beauty, or nostalgia (or all three).

(Old bottle collection.)

I have definitely found myself paring down this summer and my design is much more minimal than it was just a few months ago, even. I find that I don't need everything out at once, but just a few bits of collections here and there make me much happier and showcase my finds even more. In fact, lately I find myself putting things away, more often than not.


What do you think? How do you decorate and are these ideas that you embrace to? Please share!

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  1. i think you know how i feel about this!

  2. I agree with it just wish I knew how to go about it. I'm thinking on having a garage sale just to get rid of some stuff, I feel guilty going to Goodwill and bringing something when I have so much in the basement!

  3. great post Angela. I didn't know this word but the philosophy is one I embrace. Finding beauty in imperfection can be applied to our homes and to our faces and our bodies!
    Thanks for sharing, I love the photo of the mirror.

  4. Great Post - I totally agree with your philosophy and I absolutely love that mirror!

  5. Hi Angela....I decorate with things I love....I like to surround myself with beautiful things that call to my heart.

    If something is ugly, I'd have a hard time keeping it. Susan

  6. I have been thinking a lot about this, too, lately! I am tired of having too much "stuff" and want to minimize! I just want to keep the things that are beautiful and/or important to me. Glad to have read this! :)


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