Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Home Decor Additions

Oh my gosh, I cannot even believe how early I am up and ready to go today. My youngest starts website design camp (and he actually gets to create his own site by the end of week). He is so excited to go, but, he has autism and his patience level is pretty darn low so I get to hang out with him there for the next four mornings to make sure he stays on track. The things I do for him. I am so not a morning person, our weekend was crazy busy and so is this entire week and next weekend. So tired.
But, before I head out I thought I would share with you some recent purchases I've made for our home. Some from regular stores and one from thrift, but all things that I absolutely love and are reflective of our home and our style.

First, this awesome print from IKEA. It is huge, but I think it balances this wall off nicely since there was nothing on this entire wing (if you can consider this like four foot section that juts out of our hall as a wing, which I like to do sometimes) of our upstairs hallway. I love it as I have a lot of green pottery displayed and the hutch and it holds some of our science books.

Also, in the upstairs hall is this simple pillow perfect for summer and fall. I previously had two larger/darker pillows up here, but it was too croweded and heavy looking. Love the embroidery on it and it is still available (and, bonus, on sale at West Elm.)

Next, this art print I found at the thrift store, already framed for just $6.99. I love black and white so this was a no brainer for me. Did you know that you can paint mats with just a couple of thin coats of craft paint? When I bought this the frame was a very scuffed up dark stained wood and the map was a bold orange/red. I repainted the frame black and the mat gray and it gave a completely new look to the piece. Love it even more now!

Lastly, this lamp/lampshade combo from Target. I bought two sets of this for our nightstands and my husband was for sure certain that I would repaint the lamps white, but I am actually really liking this natural wood look. It is definitely rustic glam, with its exposed knots and sparkly shade. Not sure if this is visible completlely in te picture, but I picked a shade that had metallic threads running through it. I have lots of silver in the room and this brings it all together. You can find something similar to the lamp here (although I paid way, way less on clearance). I couldn't find the shade online, but just recently purchased it in store.

Love, love, love all these items and that we searched, waited, went without until the perfect things came along.

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  1. love the ikea print and that little pillow!

  2. I just got that print too! Love it!

  3. love both your prints and great job on painting the frame and thet mat. Your pillow is so sweet. Isn't that a great feeling when you find just what you want, even thought it takes a while?


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