Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pinterest Love...

Hey there! It's Tuesday again and it is frigid here in Massachusetts. I am seriously not doing well in this weather! I miss my outdoor time and working on furniture in my garage, rather than having to lug it all into the house.  It think these cold temps are having a direct impact on my wanting to decorate and cook more than anything else right now. What about you?

Do you love these pins this week? The floor to ceiling bookshelves in picture one are amazing! Maybe that's what my office needs. And I'm in love with that chair in picture two. Seems like a pretty reasonable DIY to me and I could totally picture it in my home. My husband is super big on having lots of plants around and cactus are my favorites. There are so many cool varieties! And, I think I'm going to make that yummy meal in picture five; shrimp, avocado and quinoa are a few of my favorite foods. Oh, and picture four. Don't judge. My boys have been straight up driving me crazy lately. It happens.
 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/5/
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  1. that chair. I want that chair!

  2. I love the bookshelves but am pretty fond of #4, also!

  3. Following you on Pinterest. Here's me - http://www.pinterest.com/fisheye3/


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