Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Salt Dough Hearts

 Hey there crafty friends! I have a super simple project that is perfect for Valentine's Day!

The other morning it was freezing and I had less than zero interest in actually leaving my home. It was the perfect time to create this project. Note: this is a fab one to do with the kids, too!
Supplies: salt, flour, water, measuring cup, bowl, spoon, rolling pin, cookie cutters, cookie sheet, oven, paint brush, paint (also chalk if you decide to use chalkboard paint).
Mix a batch of salt dough according to the recipe (I used this one).
Roll it out and use cookie cutters in your desired shape.
After they have baked (warning: it takes like three hours) let the hearts cool and then paint. I used primarily chalkboard paint, but I did a few pale pink and
metallic gold.
These would be super adorable in a little bowl or as part of a Valentine Day display.
 It would also be super cute to make some larger hearts that you could write messages on with chalk. Sweet!


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  1. these are so sweet!!! i love the dark ones!

  2. Such a sweet idea. Your posts always catch my eye!

  3. Oh my! I want to make myself some. My kiddos will probably get in on it too! Thanks.

  4. so cute. love that globe/ball, where did that come from????

  5. Oh these are just too cute! I could see a whole collection of them in a jar for our Valentines party! The beans would just so love making these! I hope you stay warm..we are below zero again here today and not leaving our house either! A good day to make these hearts! Thanks for sharing! Nicole xoxo

  6. This is a great idea! My littlies (and me) will love making these! Thanks for sharing! J9

  7. Those are really cute. What will you do with them? Wouldn't they look cute in a bouquet? Thanks for the great idea.

  8. OMG these are adorable. Just made salt dough with my daughter but it didn't turn out this cute. Love

  9. How did you paint the gray ones. Details please. Love them

    1. debb d--the gray hearts were painted with chalkboard paint and then rubbed with chalk.

  10. Beautiful. I'm very proud to have my recipe used for such works of art! I'll be taking inspiration and linking back soon. When there's a post like this, why reinvent the wheel (or should I say heart?).

  11. Oh cool, they look like they are made of stone!


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