Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rustic Modern Flag Tutorial

Hey there friends!
This month has completely flown by for us and I can't believe Memorial Day is quickly approaching. 
For the last several years (because of road construction in our city) we had been lucky enough to have the annual parade go right down our street. (This year they are back to their old route and will just pass by our road). The parade, coupled with the fact that we can see the fireworks on the 4th right from our backyard and that we have a huge military presence in our city, naturally makes our neighborhood pretty patriotic and I always love adding in a nod to our country both inside and out.

This year, I wanted to make something that wasn't entirely traditional and had a more graphic flair. I was particularly influenced by these two flags I recently found...


Here are the supplies you'll need to make your own:  Pine board, General Finishes paint in Coastal Blue, Antique White and glaze in Pitch Black, coarse sanding sponge, star template, pencil, lint free rags, finishing wax, paint brush and small artist brush.

The first step is to paint the front and sides of the board in Coastal Blue.  Once dry, heavily distress using the sanding block and wipe clean. Then apply a coat of glaze with a lint free rag and rub off excess.


Nest, trace your star template. I printed off a star in Word on card stock and cut it out. Alternately, you could use a stencil or stamp. If you are tracing the stars carefully paint them with two coats of Antique White using the artist brush. I found it easiest to use my brush to trace the outline of each star and then fill them in.  Here's a progress shot.
When the stars have dried, sand the entire board again to give it a worn and weathered feel.

Lastly, using a lint free cloth rub a coat of finishing wax onto the entire board and buff off.


I love how is rustic and has a country flair, yet pairs wonderfully with my more modern accents.


  1. love it- the faded charm is perfect!

  2. ooh, very nice! and I wish a parade would come right by my house....I'm too crowd averse to ever seek them out!

  3. I love that you painted the stars by hand and didn't use a stamp or stencil. Perfection!

  4. so, so cute angela. love this bit of patriotism, even though i'm not an american...

  5. Looks wonderful Angela, neat idea to make for the summer!

  6. I love how rustic it looks and the combination of dark blue and white is always a winning one!

  7. I'm a sucker for stars, totally love this!

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