Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bathroom Reno Plans {Part Two}

When we first met our contractor for the bathroom to discuss what I wanted done I was super specific. I seriously handed him a two page report complete with pictures of what I wanted.
So...even though this renovation is way far out of our DIY skills and we had to hire out, I'm still having major involvement. Part of that will be to paint the bathroom (once everything is prepped) because I just could not justify paying someone to paint. The other part is that I am sourcing and purchasing the key elements of the room. It has been a mix of super fun and super stressful. I'm not going lie...what if I purchased wrong or measured wrong and it doesn't work? I hate when anxious thoughts creep into my head!

So, last week I purchased the vanity, counter, faucet and light. (You can get the source for all of those in last week's post here.
This week I focused on getting the tile. We ended up having to order the floor tile as none of the Home Depots in our area and beyond had enough in stock. It is expected to arrive tomorrow.
We also purchased the shower wall tile (at Lowes since we really didn't like what they had at Home Depot).  By the way, we had another ridiculous experience dealing with the employees at Lowes. Not sure it if is just our local store or what, but their response is always "We can't do that. We don't carry that." even after I have specifically found it on their website. Not only do they not know where things are in their store, they are super rude about it. I cannot stand customer service like that. Anyway, this is what we ended up getting...
Also, I decided on (and purchased) a mirror.
I'm holding off on paint colors for right now because the floor tile has so much variation that I am waiting for it to be delivered before I make any color choice. (I'm thinking a pale gray or cream though). So I will share my top contenders and final decision next week.
Also, I'm thinking about all the little things...hardware, what to do with the cabinet that holds our toothbrushes, etc. what to put on the walls. I'll share all those ideas next week, as well. After that, hopefully all will be on schedule and the actual renovation will begin!


  1. Those are some lovely tile choices. Love the mirror too :)

  2. Exciting beginnings! woot woot :)

  3. It's all going to be so nice, I think you made the right choice with the it!

  4. It's going to pull together perfectly! Good luck :)


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