Monday, October 13, 2014

Repurposed Drawer Underbed Storage

Hey everyone! 
I've been doing lots of planning (and a little bit of work) on Gennaro's bedroom makeover as part of the Fall in Love Series I'm taking part in. (You can see my original post here).
Gennaro has the smallest bedroom in our home (totally what happens when you are the youngest, right?) and is in constant need of storage.
One of the untapped storage possibilities in his room is under his bed. I wanted to do something homemade and a bit industrial feeling so I repurposed two drawers from a vintage dresser that I picked up.

This project is actually quite easy! Awesome transformation, right?
Here's what I did...First, I removed the old hardware and sanded the drawer fronts.
I painted the fronts and trim along the top with two coats of chalkboard paint and let it cure according to the directions.
the remainder was painted in a super, super pale white/gray.
When the paint was dry, I seasoned the chalkboard portion by rubbing it with a piece of chalk and wiping it off and I waxed the remainder of the drawers.
I used the exsisting holes for the handles (and added in extras as needed by using a drill).  I strung the holes with clothesline rope and tied them inside the drawer.

Ideally, I would have liked to have added casters to the bottom of each drawer, but, because of space constraints, I had to scrap that idea. However, to make them easier to slide in and out from under the bed and to protect the floor, I attached strips of suede with hot glue to the bottom of each drawer.
Lastly, I used a chalkboard marker to label the front of each drawer.
I still have a lot to do before I'm ready to show the drawers actually in place in his room. I'm thinking about repainting his bed black (it is currently a dark gray/blue), moving it to another location in his room, changing up what is on his walls and painting a nightstand for him.
You all might want to send me the motivation to get that done this coming weekend!
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  1. Is there room for the drawers to have casters? Wheels make the boxes move more freely, and if they move more freely, they will get used....just a thought. Great job!

  2. The drawers are so cute painted up like that! The rope pulls are such a great idea. I'd even consider doing that with dresser drawers in a dresser I think it's such a cute ides. Maybe one of these days if we have a son... I love the idea of the fabric underneath to protect the floors too. We have wood floors so if I ever wanted to do this project that would be perfect. I am always looking for cute storage solutions for our little bungalow. Have a wonderful day and good luck finishing up that room! ~ Jamie

  3. This is great - but concerned about the obvious DUST! Any thoughts?


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