Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stenciled Arrow Pillows (Paint A Pillow Review)

*I was compensated for this post with supplies, however all content, thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know what? I constantly face my fears. Totally not kidding. There are two things that really scare me in the DIY world...staining and stenciling. (I have tons of other fears, too, like insects. I will run like a screaming child if one flies at me; totally not relevant but true.)

Anyway, Cutting Edge Stencils recently launched a sister site called Paint A Pillow and they offered to send me out all the supplies I needed to create two pillows for my own home.

After I basked in the absolute coolness of this idea panic sunk in. Here me out. When I stencil a wall, I inevitably have bleed through, touching up and sometimes even redo a section. It's all just part of it and expected. But, stenciling a pillow. Ummm. That's permanent. No second chances there. And I knew I would have to share my results with all of you. See how I can work myself up into a stenciling panic in like seconds?

Whenever I do a review I try to be as honest and impartial as I can and, no lie, this idea rocks and the execution is super, super easy and fast.

This is Figgy's completely serious "she is totally not kidding this project is easy and customizable and you will love it" face.


Everything came neatly packaged and ready to use...
...And the process was completely straightforward and simple.
My main concern was that the stencil would shift as I was using it and create a huge mess. But, the pillow cover fits right into a cardboard form and the stencil is secured with large brads. Everything stays snug and the pattern is crisp.

A little dry time and the pillows were ready for the inserts...

Lastly, I just want to mention that in addition to all of the stenciling supplies, you can also get all sorts of extras to further personalize your creations.  I chose to add a tassel to one corner of the pillows. It was super easy with a tool that came along with it. Like, probably less than a minute and I was done!

OK. I know. I know. This has been like crazy Figgy picture overload today. But, I mean, that cat hears the camera and comes running. I'm pretty sure he thinks he has a ton of adoring fans and just feels the need to pose.  Besides, I'm keeping it real here. That cat is glued to me, like 24/7.


  1. So cute! Love the little blue arrow. It's the perfect touch!

  2. How cute he is, just love his face! I also love the pillows too!

  3. these are so perfect! love the touch of one aqua arrow- so you and so perfect!

  4. Alright, this is a post for me! I'm getting my Figgy fix and pretty pillows. Love!

  5. Cool idea and we don't mind Figgy hogging the spotlight.

  6. ooh, the blue arrow is perfect! as is Figgy :)


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