Friday, October 3, 2014

Things I'm Loving This Week: Benches

So excited for this weekend. So excited this week is over. The last few days have been a challenge and they need to go. Ever have a week like that? Let me just say are tough to parent. Yeah. I'm done.
But, on a lighter note, want to know what one of my favorite pieces of furniture of all time is?
It's the bench. They are truly so versatile and there are so many options.

I have them scattered throughout my own home.
They are awesome for extra seating without taking up a lot of visual space.
I have one at the head of my dining table.  It doesn't block the flow into the room and, since its upholstered in fun fabric, it adds a cool vibe to the space.
There's also a gold metal and linen upholstered bench in our upstairs hall. It's used quite frequently as its right outside the bathroom and there is usually a line. I know. Next house. More than one bathroom. This is pretty much inhumane.
Lastly, I have a small upholstered bench in the kitchen. It's an old piano bench (the kind with the lift up cover that reveals a storage compartment). Not sure if it will stay in the kitchen once the renovation happens.  Wondering when the kitchen reno will actually take place? Me too, friends. Me. Too.


This IKEA bench needs to make it's way into my home. Seriously. It does.

 What are your thoughts....benches yea or nay?


  1. Oh definitely a YAY. I have admired the wrap bench ever since CB2 introduced it. All your choices are lovely.

  2. LOVE!!! I am actually looking for benches for my girls and your picks are awesome! Thanks for sharing friend! Lovely weekend to you! Nicole xo

  3. Yay, definitely yes. Love benches and ottomans


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