Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 House Walk Tour

Welcome everyone to part one of my Holiday Home Tour! (Part two will be shared next Monday, so be sure to stop back then to check out more areas of my Christmas home).
Before we get started I just have to give a huge thank you to Jen Rizzo for including me in this amazing series. I've been contributing at her blog monthly for the last year and this is just the icing on the cake!
Also, if you are stopping over from Ella Claire an extra special welcome to you!

Each year, I try to change up my décor for the holiday season.  This year I focused on lots of metallics, sparkles, natural elements and green accents.  

This wood tree is on loan from my mom and was made by a local artisan. The large bottle brush is from Target and the small, green one is from the craft store. I love the variety in sizes, colors and textures.

Whenever I decorate, vintage is a must! I have a huge collection of vintage ornaments (although, truth be told, I kind of broke a lot this year!).

And that sparkly, wintery garland...oh I am totally in love with it!

Besides the birch branches that fill the fireplace, I added this tiny pine tree for another natural touch.

My entryway hutch got touches of green, wood and mercury glass. To me, mercury glass screams Christmas; it just looks so super festive.

Pretty, vintage ornaments...

...faux greens, wood and silver pieces tie this all in with the décor on the adjoining mantel.

As you move into my living room (and then dining room) I focus much more on gold tones...remember my love for metallics!

The gold and white ram got a simple necklace made from wire and bells.

And above my Balsam Hill wreath is my collection of brass candlesticks...

Come right into my dining room!

I am in love with this massive garland that I found at Marshalls! It's pieces of wood totally covered in gold glitter. How perfect is that for my home!

And that tree on the has survived and flourished since last Christmas! I recently even had to move it to a larger crock.

My plan for the dining room was lots of greenery and gold!

These little Target mercury glass votive holders are filled with pine...

...and I added in a festive coaster and vintage gold ornament to round out the place setting.

The center of the table was filled with this large. gold, mercury glass tree...
 ...more fresh pine, faux berries, vintage ornaments...

...and gold glitter...

I just love a look that is not only Christmasy, but wintery as well.

The last area of my home that I would love to show you is this little corner that hold my Ikea cabinet. I am seriously loving this spot!

I filled this basket with stems from Balsam Hill (intended for a Christmas tree) and just love the glittery, icicle effect that they give!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by and taking a little glimpse at my Christmas home!

Tomorrow's tour begins with one of my absolute fave blog!

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  1. it's beautiful, angela! that image with the candlesticks and boxwood is my favorite!

  2. I am such a traditional girl, but I absolutely love all of your modern touches - I am feeling inspired!

  3. Angela, thank you so much for being a part of the tour!!!! I love all of your holiday touches!

  4. I love all the greens and modern touches Angela!

  5. Thanks for having me in to see your beautiful décor! I really love your tablescape and am very inspired by it. I love the idea of using the mercury glass votive holders to hold greenery at each place setting - looks so pretty!

  6. I love the wood Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing. Sarah Macklem

  7. So pretty! Love your vintage touches - sorry a few ornaments had to be sacrificed in the decorating of your house!

  8. Wow- I just love your eclectic style! That cabinet with the candlesticks and boxwood wreath is just stunning-my favorite part. I really enjoyed this tour-thanks for sharing!

  9. Such a fun tour with so many cool touches!! Love it!

  10. I just love your style any time of the year, Angela but Christmas is my favorite. Beautiful and inspiring!

  11. Angela,
    Silver and gold, silver and gold.......loved the metallics. I saw so much of modern elements but nothing was so stark or too graphic, just enough to round out a celebratory beauty of Christmas decor. The Basam Hill jeweled drops are my favorite pick that we sell. Loved how you used them!

  12. Angela,

    It looks lovely! I'm loving your fireplace. I have similar places on mine where vents clearly once were, but are now filled in by a previous owner with a hodge-podge of mortar and unmatched brick. Did your fireplace already have those nice decorative grates over the vents or did you add them? If you added them, where did you get them? My fireplace is a mess, but I'm liking the look of yours - any suggestions on painting (mine is the original red brick and I've been thinking of painting it white as well). Any advice would be appreciated!


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