Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fave Winter Boots & Holiday House Walk Day 2

 Having a mom who is a blogger is totally a weird experience around the holidays.  Last week, my almost teen jokingly asked me if it was Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love autumn and Thanksgiving so much, but it kind of takes a back seat since I need to have Christmas already set by the end of November. This Turkey Day was especially Christmas-like since we had our first snow fall of the year!
And chilly weather and snow completely means pulling out all my warm boots.


I think I totally have a thing for suede this season.
I actually have boots similar to these and I love how the bold color dresses up a casual outfit...

I would totally wear these with leggings and a cozy sweater...


And these would be perfect for a casual day out.


The colors and edginess of  the next two are just my fave. They would be perfect with skinny jeans...


Last thing...today is the second day of The Holiday House Walk tours! Remember, my home will be featured tomorrow, but you can enjoy all of tours starting here.

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  1. i am a blog rule breaker! i didn't bring out the christmas until after thanksgiving, minus the outside which i only did because we had an almost 70 degree day! :)


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