Monday, March 2, 2015

Comparing Fabric & Foam Rollers When Painting Furniture

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Hey friends!
A while back I started working with RollerLite, which was exciting for me since I paint so much furniture and they are the leading manufacturer of paint rollers.

I used to only use brushes when painting furniture pieces. It was probably a year or so ago that I ventured into rollers for more than just painting walls and stenciling.
I initially started to gravitate towards rollers when I was painting mid century pieces because I wanted a perfect and smooth finish.
It kind of expanded from there.
So fast forward to me working with RollerLite. We were recently discussing upcoming projects and the awesome idea of me doing a post comparing foam and fabric rollers when painting furniture came up.
So, I picked two pieces of furniture with lots of surface space I could roll. For reference, I used the same brand of paint (General Finishes) on both pieces.
I started with this Pennsylvania House nightstand. I used the foam roller for this project. As I had expected, it gave a smooth finish.

It made painting inside the cubby a breeze.  There is no way I could have gotten such a smooth finish without the roller, since it is such a constricted space.

By the way, The reproduction knobs are D. Lawless. I love them!

You can see how beautiful the finish is on the top of the table. The roller worked great. But, the one downfall is that I felt I used a considerable amount of paint. The coverage was a bit thinner than I would have liked, so it took more coats than I am used to.

This two tiered end table got a makeover with the fabric roller.
I always find white one of the most difficult colors to work with. Even though it ranks right up there as my favorite to paint furniture, it is often times very difficult to get good coverage with a light paint.

The fabric roller definitely helped out with that issue.  Two coats and I was done. The coverage was far superior to the foam roller. At first, I was concerned that I wouldn't get a smooth finish because the fabric roller has much more texture than the foam. But, the finish was smooth and flawless.

I was even able to use the roller on these smaller areas near the drawer.  PS. these glass knobs are also D. Lawless.

So, I think I'm a fabric roller for large open surfaces convert. It seriously made my job easier and faster which is a huge plus.  Would you like to check out some of RollerLite's products? If so, just click here.


  1. Great tips Angela-I have never tried a roller and think it is time I did so thanks to you!

  2. Angela, this was a timely post. I am getting ready to embark on painting my oak kitchen cabinets and want a smoother finish than I would for furniture. I am using CCC chalk paint. Have you tried a roller with any brand of chalk paint?


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