Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vintage Inspired Drop Cloth Wreath

You know what? This post has been in the works for weeks now.  For some reason, as much as I love blogging, I cannot stay on a posting schedule like I used to be. I feel pulled in too many directions. I've been sick (nothing serious, just sinus issues and a spring cold). Plus, not a ton has been going on here decorating wise. I still need to list this house for sale, so I have been purging, rather than adding and it's looking a bit bland.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I made this drop cloth wreath for my front door. I felt inspired to create one using that material after I was featured on Apartment Therapy (here) in a roundup they did of drop cloth projects. (BTW, I'm completely embarrassed about that project. It is super old, photographed with my old junky camera, and my home is decorated in a style that is totally not me!)

This wreath is actually quite easy to make, although a bit time consuming. Here is what you need: drop cloth from the hardware store, fabric scissors, ruler or level, pencil, foam wreath, straight pins, ribbon.
I started by wrapping strips of the drop cloth around the wreath (securing with the pins) to completely cover the green foam.
Next, I basically cut out a few hundred (yes hundred, I like my wreathes full!) of the fabric squares. I tried to make them all uniform in size, but you don't have to be perfect, in the least.  All I did was use a level to give me a straight line. Since the level seemed to be the perfect width (a couple of inches) I traced on both sides of it, flipped it and then traced again to create a grid and cut out the squares.
Then, using straight pins, I attached the squares to the wreath. Again, this was all kind of random and does not need to be perfect. Note: the straight pins were put into the center of each square and I folded each square into a triangle when I was attaching it.
I continued until the wreath was very full and there were no obvious spaces. I attached the ribbon by pinning it to the back of the wreath.
Isn't the lace awesome!  It's not photographing accurately, but it is actually a very pale aqua. I love it!

Here it is on my front door. I love how the door is now painted black (as opposed to the red it had been for years ) it gives me countless color options when working with wreathes. Oh, and see the white specks in the pic? That's snow. Luckily, I seriously hope, we are done with that for good now. (I am really, really hoping!)





  1. I love your full wreath and what a great use of drop cloth!

  2. I've pinned both wreaths you made and hopefully I will make one:) I also like how you decorated then too!


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