Thursday, November 5, 2015

Decorating with Bittersweet & Dining Room Rug Inspirations

The weather in New England has been seriously beautiful and warm lately.  So, earlier this week, I took a little walk to investigate our property and I was excited to see some bittersweet growing here and there. It's an invasive vine, but I'm kind of always drawn to its beauty and color.

I cut some of the bittersweet to bring inside, and since the only room that is really on its way to being finished is the dining room I decided to incorporate it into my autumn décor.

I've had this concrete pumpkin for a couple of years now. I love how it's modern, but rustic. And how the top comes off. I've never done it, but wouldn't it look fantastic with a mum planted inside?

I just added the bittersweet, as is, to the inside of the concrete pumpkin and it's so simple, but I adore bringing nature inside. It's just so perfect and sculptural to me.

I mentioned this in my dining room post from last week, but that is the same sideboard from our Massachusetts house that was used as a TV stand. I hadn't planned on keeping it, but ran out of time before we moved to paint it and sell it and I'm so glad I did. I gave it a two toned effect with General Finishes paint and a little distressing and it is just perfect now.

You know how in the old house, everything was white on white with a little more white? It was safe (decorating wise for someone like me who constantly likes to evolve and change her surroundings) and I do absolutely love that style still, but I find myself craving more color lately. Sure I've added in whites in the form of curtains and woodwork, but those deep teal walls are bold...and I love it! It's a departure for me and I am so happy that I took the leap.

With that said, I'm contemplating going super bold x2 in that room. I would really love to add in a rug to ground the table and add in more texture and pattern. Now, typically I would be leaning towards a cream and gray print, but I'm thinking rust/deep red instead?

What do you all think? Picture those bittersweet berries drying and turning a deep red, isn't that gorgeous with the moody teal walls?

This is what I find myself drawn too...


(All from RugsUSA just because I love that company and have had such a fab experience with their rugs in the past.)

Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

P.S. Now that we are out of the city and have returned to our childhood roots and living a bit more in the woods, have you wondered how we have fared? Well, we have all done amazing, except for poor Figgy. Apparently, a baby mouse causes a major fur standing on end, cowering under the couch panic attack...

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