Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Farmhouse Dining Room Updates & Plans

We've lived in our Connecticut farmhouse for four weeks now and, honestly, I feel like I have gotten very little accomplished.

I spent the month before we moved planning and planning and then when we got to the actual house, the color choices just seemed all wrong. Has that happened to you?

I had initially planned on painting the family room first, but when I stumbled upon this color called Sophisticated Teal from Home Depot I knew it was my starting point. And, it is just gorgeous in our dining room.

Here are some MLS pictures of the space. Yawn. Talk about a blank slate!

I hesitated forever on painting the woodwork, although I think it is so gorgeous and a real focus now that it's done. For those purist, know that the wood was in absolutely horrendous condition. Of course part of my hesitation was the work, it's such a pain to do and we have so much woodwork here, this will literally take me forever.

Anyway, so thus far I have painted the walls a deep teal,  and the woodwork a light cream. I'm honestly so in love. The dining table and chairs are from our old house. That farmhouse table is so sweet and we use it for dinner every single night. Also, it was my number one free score of all time. Unbelievable! The chairs are all painted in a uniform black chalk paint and were all thrifted.  The black cabinet was also from the old house and holds a very edited version of my white pottery collection.

I just found the curtains at Target. I love anything embroidered so I was completely sold on them from first glance. And I love that it brought some more cream into the room. Cream is totally going to be my new white in this house because its a bit less harsh and so cozy.

Lastly,  I repurposed our old sideboard that I used as a TV stand in the old house along the open wall, by repainting it in General Finishes Driftwood and Linen.

I wish you could all see this room in person. The color is so much deeper and moodier than it's reading on camera. 

I'm still contemplating a few more details in the space. Namely a rug (do I go bold or stay neutral), a chandelier and building a radiator cover. I'm feeling excited and inspired with what I've done so far and cannot wait to continue the makeover into the living room (I just started painting!)

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