Sunday, March 13, 2016

Farmhouse Stairway Makeover

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I've been slowly plugging away on our stairway since the first of the year. I know it seems like the last place I should have tackled, given that, other than a little painting here and there, not much has been accomplished in the nearly six months that we've lived here. But, my reasoning is twofold:  1. I've noticed that nearly everyone who comes to our house enters through the mudroom on the side of our home, so the stairway ends up being a main focal point, and 2. I like to work when inspiration on a plan strikes. That's not always the most practical way to work, but when you are a creative person, like I am, I feel like it's truly the most efficient.

So, like most spaces in our old house the stairway was rundown and worn. Not only did it need new, fresh paint, but it needed some definite style and creativity to add impact and interest. Additionally, the woodwork needed some serious repair. The previous owner's pets had done a number on the doorway and, no amount of paint could disguise that.

The woodwork issue was actually where I started this makeover. I began my repair with a light sanding and then patched with wood filler.  I have to say, when I posted this on Facebook, I did get a nasty response about me "not knowing what I was doing," and, that may have a smidge of truth. I'm not a professional, but I try to think logically and sometimes take a risk. My wood filler stuck and, when it was dry, I sanded and painted. (I'm planning on painting all the woodwork in our home a bit of a creamy white and the doors and steps are a deep gray with a touch of navy.)

My next step was to paint the walls a light shade of cream. There is a serious lack of overhead lightening in the stairway, so I wanted to add plenty of brightness. Along, with that, however, I did a deep gray on the accent wall to continue the color theme up to the second and third floors. I was really loving the idea of stenciling the accent wall and was gifted this gorgeous Little Diamonds stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. I don't think it could be any more perfect for the space.

I love how the pattern of the accent wall pairs with the new stairway runner. I looked for so long for something that gave the perfect farmhouse vibe without being too country or fussy. This Dash and Albert Samode Indoor Outdoor Rug fit the bill. It was relatively easy to install using our staple gun and 3/8" staples. (Note: I cut the end borders off and used rug tape to prevent fraying.)

Because I have a couple of different patterns going on I decided to keep the window treatments and d├ęcor simple and complimentary to the space. The antique school chair got a simple wipe down with liming wax and the silhouettes got a fresh coat of paint in a deep gray. Also, I've talked so much about my love for decorating with plants. This sunny landing was perfect for a little greenery. Can't you just picture a tiny pine tree here during the holiday season!

Lastly, we made our own shutters out of plywood and stripping. It was a bit time consuming, but because I wanted a simple shaker style it was a pretty simple DIY and saved us a ton of money.

So that's it! I'm truly, truly in love with this space and it gave me much needed inspiration to continue to work on our old farmhouse.

To see all every little bit of my inspiration for this space check out my Farmhouse Stairway Makeover board on Pinterest.

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