Sunday, April 3, 2016

Farmhouse Cedar Stained Wall

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One of the spaces I've struggled with decorating in our new farmhouse has been the living room. It's pretty traditional to this style of home built 100 years ago. It's plain and utilitarian without a lot of detail or interest.

My first idea was to install an antique mantel (there is actually no fireplace in the home), but after some planning and consideration (mainly the room is just too small to accommodate it) we decided to add character by incorporating a rustic wood wall into the space.

 I'm trying to avoid sharing the entire length of the wall right now because, honestly, the kitchen needs a complete time....and you can see it through the doorway.

We were provided cedar planking (you know the kind you would traditionally add to a closet) from CedarSafe) to complete this project. (You might also remember we partnered with them over the holiday season to make an adorable cedar tree seen here.)

Anyway, when we received our product we were thrilled to see that there was the traditional smooth front (the side you would normally see in installation) and a rough cut back. Since we are going for the farmhouse and old barn wood look, we were thrilled and immediately decided to install it with the rough cut side out.

In line with our barn wood look that we were after we decided to stain each piece of cedar. I had shared this on Facebook while I was doing it. It was a several hour process of staining each piece one of four colors and then laying them in the driveway to sun bleach.

(Here is a side by side of the stained pieces, from left to right: untouched, jade, gray, weathered oak and white.)

I'm not going to give a real tutorial on this project because we actually used the YouTube video provided by CedarSafe (you can see it here) along with the supply list they suggested. The one exception was that when we went to nail the planks to our wall the wood cracked. We solved this by drilling a pilot hole for each nail before hammering them onto the wall.

Can you even believe the transformation? I'm kind of dying to wrap all the walls in this room with stained cedar now. It is so homey and cozy and true to this home.

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