Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pale Mint Vintage Dresser with Milk Glass Pulls

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I'm so seriously in love with this dresser. It's probably why it hasn't sold. Fate works that way when you love old furniture and paint it for a living.

We actually picked this up at a tag sale on our way too Brimfield. We found that pretty funny because I had the truck half filled before we even arrived.

Anyway, a while back I did this Painted & Stained Waterfall Desk, which could potentially be my favorite piece to ever come out of Number Fifty-Three and I was kinda/sorta/really hoping to recreate it on this dresser, but in lighter colors and it so did not cooperate at all. So frustrating, but it does sometimes happen when you work with vintage and antique furniture.

See. The before doesn't look bad, but the veneer damage was palpable.

Once I finally admitted to myself that the whole staining thing wasn't going to work, I painted it the palest mint. (I actually think I took about 75 pictures of this dresser over the course of the day and couldn't fully capture how pretty this color actually is.

I distressed the piece to give it a nice, worn finish. I almost always feel that a little distressing gives furniture some depth and interest.

Lastly, I finished it off with the absolute prettiest milk glass hardware from D. Lawless.

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