Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vintage Farmhouse Inspired Coffee Table

We were out for a drive a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon this coffee table.  (Honestly, last year I moved about 30 minutes away from where I had previously lived for 20+ years and when my Mom comes to visit, sometimes we drive to Targets around Connecticut because they are mostly freestanding and seem to have more, and I can't get enough of Target.) Anyway, this table was in an incredible need of a makeover, but I just adored the shape and, other than needing a couple of coats of paint it was in sturdy and perfect condition.

I love the lower shelf on this table! It provides so much storage and the sides look like planking, which both gives a unique farmhouse feel to the piece.

I painted it with a couple of different shades of gray. Deeper for the base and lighter for the accent. The top is painted almost a pure white. Our grass is gone and dead because, apparently it doesn't rain here anymore. Seriously, we have been pretty much under constant thunderstorm warnings and it's been insanely hot, but really not a drop here at our home.

 This table had the most wonderful weathered wood grain, and a bit of distressing really pulled it out and added a rustic feel.

This coffee table is available for sale in Northern Connecticut.

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