Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Antique Bakery Cart in the Dining Room

We've been continuing on with finishing up the dining room. It just kind of seems that the space is coming together and we've been finding the pieces that we need all at once, which is kind of amazing since it is all from flea markets/thrift stores/antique stores/etc.

Not long after we moved here last fall I began seeing these antique bakery carts when we were out picking. I completely and instantly fell in love with their industrial + antique + farmhouse feel.

I would seriously pine over them whenever we saw one, but only recently made the purchase. The reason I chose this bakery cart over all the rest was simple. First of all, it was on sale, making it about $25-$50 less than any other I had seen. Second, it was in the sturdiest condition of any I had found. And, lastly, it had some pale aqua/blue paint chipping off the sides and top racks, which, just happens to be the accent color in the space.

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, we will be working on the table (that will be the final project for this room). We recently bought tobacco barn wood to replace the tabletop and I will be painting the trestle base in antique white (chairs will all be going black). On a side note, for the last two days I have been working on a terrible project in the workshop (more on that later) and all day long tractor after tractor has gone by our farmhouse first empty, and then filled with hanging tobacco leaves. It is definitely harvest time around here!

Anyway, you can also see how I have styled my table. Super simple and with all items that I already had on hand. The branches are also on my mantel and I simply cut them from my yard.  Yesterday a little snake lunged out from under our mudroom to chase out a toad and my cries and screams let my oldest know that some living creature had gotten too close, so it's really a pure miracle that I even set foot in the grass to collect the branches at all. (Apologies to any neighbor that may have heard me scream, "That's it! We're moving!)

So, I kept the cart rather simply styled. This has sort of left me with another issue as it is holding only a small portion of my pottery collection, but I'm OK with that because I always think it's a good idea to rotate your collections around. The majority of the vases are now in storage and, I'm sure will make an appearance again soon.

To keep with that rustic modern vibe Darrell hung up my Goldie the Golden Ram I love how it brings some gold to that corner of the room. (I also want to mention that this room had an extra radiator in that corner so Darrell also removed that and it made such a HUGE difference!)

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