Thursday, August 11, 2016

Antique White Distressed Sideboard

How come it seems like every piece I finish is my latest, most favorite piece? It probably comes from the time, effort and in the case of this horrendous weather this week, sweat that is put into every single thing that goes through our workshop.

By the time you have sanded, cleaned, primed, painted (several coats), distressed, sealed, staged and photographed, you get kind of attached.

This sideboard is a piece that we found through a blog reader and had in our stash. It's being done as a custom order for a new client and, I obviously am so pleased with the results!

Structurally, this piece was so incredibly sound (and extremely heavy) but its stain was dated and it was a bit scuffed and banged up.

I finished it using General Finishes Antique White. I don't know what it is because I have used SO many whites over the nearly five years I have been painting furniture, but this is the loveliest, creamiest white, that is white and not too yellow or not too stark. I say this because Darrell and my oldest, Antonio, were out in the workshop finishing something for Number Fifty-Three earlier this week when they heard an entire tirade from me about a cream paint I used being "to cream."

This is the original vintage hardware. It's so perfect for the piece and so unique.

Did you notice my Massachusetts cutting board? I'm so in love with it. My mom recently bought one as a shower gift and I begged her to get me one, too. After much, "you went and moved to Connecticut" she finally conceded! Forty years in Massachusetts does not get erased by barely a year in Connecticut!

I love pieces like this because they are so versatile. I picture it as a coffee bar in a kitchen, a sideboard in a formal dining room or a TV console in a family room.

Lastly, unless a piece is super modern, I love white furniture with some age and distressing. What do you all think?

After the last few projects I've completed (some of which won't be on the blog until September), I am definitely going to enjoy a nice summer weekend (or at least one day of my weekend), which I am truly hoping involves a trip to the shore!

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