Monday, August 22, 2016

Antiquing Road Trip: Millerton, New York

One thing that we love to do is take day trips around New England and New York state looking for antique stores and flea markets. Sometimes we plan these out and sometimes we just get in the truck and drive.

Lately, during these trips Darrell has been encouraging me to document them and share our love of travel and antiquing with you all.

So, I intend for this to be an ongoing series.

This past Sunday we took a ride to Millerton, New York. It's a town we discovered last year around Christmas on one of those random drives and we've been back a few times since.

This town has an adorable main street filled with a variety of shops; many of which are upscale.

The first time we went into Hunter Bee, the owner's dog was there. So. Adorable.  Anyway, this store is a bit pricey, but so, so good for inspiration. I seriously have to look at every single thing.

Next up is Montage.  This place is seriously so far from our budget, but again, inspiration. I love investigating stores in all price points because it always gives me new ideas for colors and styling.


The last store we went to is Millerton Antique Center. This one is more our speed and we have purchased numerous things there in the past. It's set up more like a traditional indoor flea market with dealers displaying their items in their respective booths.  Again, I love seeing how things are grouped and I always walk away with so many ideas.

Other places we recommend: 

Lastly, you know we had to grab a bite to eat on this trip! We tried out the  Oakhurst Diner, which is located right next to the shops we visited. Darrell grabbed lunch, while I stuck with breakfast and it was so good! Lots of little unique touches and really well thought out menu. And the people watching. I'm just going to say...incredible.

If you are in the New England/New York area and have a favorite shopping/thrifting/antiquing spot please share!

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