Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Farmhouse Stained & Painted Coffee Table

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This is another one of those times, that happens every so often, that I see a piece of furniture and have an exact and immediate plan.

This coffee table is solidly built and looks handmade with some visible nail heads and distressed over time wood.

That, coupled with the simple lines just called for a traditional farmhouse look and, to me, that means a creamy white base with a stained top and distressing.

I picked my absolute favorite of all time white (General Finishes Antique White) to paint the base. It's really a perfect white. It's not a yellowy cream, and not a stark white, but somewhere in the middle that is just perfect for furniture of any era.

And, can you believe the difference stripping and staining the top of the coffee table made? I honestly didn't even remember how worn the finish was until I did the side by side comparison.

I stained the top with GF's Antique Walnut Gel Stain.  Gel stain was the perfect choice for this table because, even after sanding it down, there were still some water rings evident. This is so frustrating sometimes, because you won't even see these imperfections until you start working with the wood. But, since gel stain is a thicker product, I find it gives a heavier stain and often times (like in this case) completely covered the previous wear.

What I really love about this piece is that it is obviously rustic and vintage, but the finish now looks pristine and new. Such a lovely mix!

I sanded the base, lightly in some places, moderately in others because I think it completely suits the farmhouse feel.

And, the long length is perfect for styling. I could have added so much more to this vignette, but wanted to keep it simple to show off the beautiful wood finish.

This piece is currently available in northern Connecticut.

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