Friday, August 5, 2016

IKEA Kallax as Kitchen Storage (Another Glimpse at our Kitchen)

Kitchen storage was a concern of mine from the very first time we toured the house. There are a few cabinets on the main wall (that houses the sink, stove and refrigerator), but other than that the room provided no place for all my stuff.

This was tough for me, even though I purged a ton before we moved. But, at the old house I had some pretty significant kitchen cabinets along with a pantry I had created in a closet in the adjoining office.

During our first visit here I expressed my concerns to the realtor and she suggested I store my extras in the half bath. Granted, it had, originally to the home, been a pantry, but, it's now a bathroom. So that was a no for me, obviously. Blenders do not reside with toilets.

On about day 1 of living here I decided we needed something and ASAP because there was literally no place to even store our daily stuff. Darrell and I thought the IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit was our best bet, both in value and size (it fits perfectly on the wall opposite the sink, stove and refrigerator between the doors to our living and dining rooms.

And, nearly a year later I can honestly say, best decision ever. It has completely fit our needs and still gives me space to display some of my everyday pottery.

For things like meds, snacks, small kitchen tools, napkins, etc. I bought some wood bins at Home Depot (they were special order because they are a weird size) and stained them to give an older, more worn feel. It was a complete PITA to stain these, but so, so worth it.

These have stayed styled almost exactly the same for months (which truly means I am satisfied). I do know some things will be switched up soon though when we finish our new kitchen island.

And, I'm sure you all may be wondering about dust. It's really not as bad as you would think. A majority of the items are used on a daily basis so it never accumulates. The rest, along with the shelves get quickly wiped down weekly.

In the future, I think it might be nice to enclose this area like a true pantry and add in some sliding antique doors, but for now this is ideal.


  1. Hi, We found this quote by accident a few months ago and knew it was the answer to our kitchen issues. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been searching for months for bins and finally decided that I really liked how the ones in your photos looked. Would you share where you found them? Thank you again for sharing!

  2. What are the dimensions of the wood crates you purchased from Home Depot: 13.5"×12.5"×9.5"? I'm looking for solid bins for my kitchen cubicle as well. Thanks!

    1. After seeing how organised and tidy your room looked, I have decided on these shelves for my spare room to store all the wool and macrame cord I have accumulated. Many thanks for the inspiration. Trish


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