Thursday, August 4, 2016

Late Summer Mantel & Mirror Gallery Wall

I've been playing around with the idea of adding a gallery wall to our dining room to add a little more detail and finish.

I'm focusing on the wall where we installed our antique mantel and had initially played around with a plate wall flanking the mirror. Loved it/hated it/left it up for a few days and then took it down because it just wasn't right.

Really what I wanted was a mirror gallery wall. Remember when I did one at the old house (here). I miss that dining room SO much. Seriously. That was dining perfection to me and I wanted to add a little touch of that vintage inspiration to this home.

That large aqua mirror was the centerpiece in the old gallery wall and I used it as the same here. The remaining mirrors are thrift store finds that I have repainted in shades of mint, cream and white.

I still need to source some smaller mirrors for the sides around the mantel. Yet, another work in process. Which is frustrating, but Darrell keeps reminding me that progress is progress. I just like things done immediately and completely. 

 I kept the mantel decorations simple; using white pottery and some clippings from our property.

I strung a string of wooden beads casually along the length of the mantel to add in another texture and to tie in with other wood I have in the space.

 I also added in some gold elements. Because, as much as silvers are popular I can never get enough of brass and gold.

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