Monday, August 29, 2016

Reviving 1970s Furniture to get the Farmhouse Look

There is something so dated about furniture from the 1970s. They all had that same heavy stain and poly that just completely doesn't work as time passes.

However, I find this furniture so difficult to pass up. The majority of these pieces are so incredibly heavy and well made. And, with a little bit of work you can completely achieve the farmhouse look that is so incredibly popular today.

We picked up this end table last week and I spent a few hours transforming it.

What was great about this piece was that it already had a planked top. The base was country looking and I knew it would be perfect for the farmhouse feel.

First, I sanded all the old finish and stain off and revealed the most gorgeous wood grain! I stained it with a lighter stain to bring out the beautiful wood.

I painted the base in a pale gray chalk paint. When I do farmhouse furniture I like to stick with the white and gray family of paints, typically.

I gave the painted part lots of distressing to age it appropriately, and sealed the entire piece in poly to protect it.

This table was so rewarding to do!

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