Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Harvest Inspired Autumn Dining Room

Full disclosure: this is going to be complete picture overload because,

1. Autumn in my favorite season and I love decorating for it.

2. I completely missed out on decorating last year because we moved at the end of September and things were so hectic.

3. We are very nearly complete with this room (almost a year later!) and I am truly loving it. (Still left is to make a new dining table with the antique barn board we recently purchased.)

So, here we go! I went with a really natural and organic theme for the dining room this year...lots of pumpkins, gourds, corn, apples and wheat, all in the white, tan and yellow family.

I feel like I sold/donated most of my fall items before we moved so, I actually needed to shop smart to get this room where I wanted. (My mom also shared a lot of her bounty with me!)

The wheat on the mantel is from the craft store and I just bought up all they had during a sale and combined a coupon with it.

The corn husks and gourds are my moms...

Oh, and that adorable white pumpkin with the gold stem was less than $2 at Walmart! It's a Better Homes and Gardens salt shaker.

The dining table is one of my favorite centerpieces ever! I started with an old dresser top to anchor and added in a gold crate I bought (love the modern influence) and filled it with pumpkins, gourds and corn. Next to it, I have simple white plates and wood (adore these) utensils.

Our drink station just got filled with fall goodies, too! Those apples were also from my mom and are faux. I just love the rustic mixed with a little bit of modern in this space.


The last little area in this room I simply decorated with one giant, flat white pumpkin and more gourds. Of course, Figgy had to get in on the action, too!

This is by far the most rustic I have ever decorated, but I just love it at the moment and feel like it rings true to the traditional farmhouse that we have. Coming up, later this week and next, I'll share my Mom's primitive autumn tour and much more of my own home.

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