Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gorgeous Stained & Painted Round Dining Table

I would say I am almost always satisfied when I finish a piece of furniture. I'm super critical of my work and often times antique and vintage pieces are very temperamental. Some pieces, of course, I love more than others and this is one of them!

This table came to us as a custom order. It had been purchased painted, but was not withstanding wear at all. In fact, every time it was wiped down after a meal more paint would rub off.  The main issue was that it was not prepped properly for painting. I really, despite what I see, do not think that any paint is actually one step. There has to be some level of sanding, deglossing or priming.

My client decided that she wanted a stained top and painted base because it would be the most durable option.

So, I started sanding the piece and had no idea what absolutely amazing wood hid underneath that worn black paint! I will say that not every piece of furniture can be stained. Some are just poor quality wood and some just do not accept the stain in a pleasing way, but this was not this case with this table.

I couldn't be more in love. Look at the wood grain! I am so, so happy that the stain/paint combo is so popular right now because you get the best of both worlds.  (This is three coats of stain, topped with a triple coat of poly.)

The base was painted in a pretty, neutral creamy color and I think it was the perfect choice as it does not draw attention away from the stained top.

Projects like this seriously make my work week!

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