Thursday, December 8, 2016

DIY Modern Rustic Candelabra

Sometimes minimalism speaks volumes when decorating. Especially during the holiday season when you have Christmas trees and an abundance of other seasonal décor.

I knew once my Green Valley Christmas Tree arrived, I was going to want to go simple on the rest of my dining room décor, especially my mantel.

For my 2016 Holiday Housewalk, I had a lot of brass candlesticks and vintage ornaments, but I wanted to tone it down because my real tree was so full and I wanted it to take center stage. But, I also still wanted to incorporate candles and a holiday vibe.

I started with a left over piece of rustic looking wood cut to my desired size. (This is the same wood I used in my Bakery Cart Storage and I love that it looks like barn board, but is super, super affordable.)

I simply drilled random holes with my 3/4" spade bit (although, honestly, I think a 7/8" would fit the candles best, but I don't happen to have one right now) and added my candles.

I went all white to encourage that simple feel. I also added these gorgeous frosted glass ornaments Darrell spotted at Walmart.

To continue with the simplicity I left an evergreen wreath I made (will be sharing the tutorial soon as its the least expensive/fastest/easiest wreath you will ever make) above the mantel. (Obviously, it needs to be removed prior to lighting the candles!)

This all reminds me of Nordic Christmas décor that I always feel drawn too....just to easy and wintry. You can follow my Christmas and winter decorating inspiration on Pinterest, here.

Lastly, don't your think this candelabra would be perfection as the centerpiece on a dining table...I'm just thinking ahead here!

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