Monday, December 5, 2016

The Real Deal: Green Valley Christmas Trees vs. Big-Box Store Christmas Trees

This is a sponsored post.

Growing up we always had real Christmas trees and it has been a tradition that I have missed since becoming an adult. So, I was over the moon when Green Valley Christmas Trees asked me to partner with them this season.

Green Valley is a really unique company in that they deliver your tree, with free shipping right to your home. That right there makes it so worth it. Forget about dragging it to your car, trying to make it fit and having a mess of needles to clean up. Nope. My Noble Fir was delivered right to my doorstep. (Although, I'm going to be honest, the Fed Ex men got quite a chuckle over the idea of having a tree brought right to your home.)

I was actually quite skeptical with how the quality of the tree would be after being shipped all the way from Oregon to us in Connecticut, and, it looked quite terrible upon opening the package, but, as soon as I cut the twine that was holding it tight it blossomed into the fullest, most perfectly shaped tree. Seriously. It's gorgeous.

Now, for comparison sake, Green Valley also provided us with a gift card to purchase another tree from a big-box store. We couldn't find a comparable variety, but we did get a wonderful tree (a Blue Silver Balsam), which was also full and healthy.

Both beautiful trees, but the benefit is not having to lug the tree home, which, depending on your location or vehicle might not even be possible.

Happy decorating, friends!

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