Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Budget Friendly, DIY, Kitchen Reno

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This is a handmade, DIY, on a budget kind of home. And, I hope that inspires you all. You don't need to have tons of money to update and refresh your space.

We did all the work ourselves in our kitchen reno (with the exception of installing the counters as that was included with purchase). It took forever, tackling little bits whenever we had time/money (and there are still a couple of projects to complete), but we are thrilled with where we are at.


Here's what we did (not necessarily in this order):
  • Removed the existing counter, sink, faucet and garbage disposal
  • Built supports and retrofit our current cabinet to accommodate the undermount sink we purchased. Then installed it along with a new garbage disposal and faucet. (You can search tutorials on Pinterest)

  • Built a kitchen island using an antique sideboard as a base

  • Installed new hinges on the cabinet doors

  • Had new counters installed (including on the island)

  • Painted the walls Ralph Lauren Polo Match, and the trim and doors to match the rest of our reno
  • Painted the backsplash using THE most amazing primer (Zinsser Cover Stain Primer) and the wall color

  • Primed and painted the fridge with chalkboard paint (tutorial coming soon)

Still to do:
  • Some electrical (the previous owner had the garbage disposal rigged to an extension cord rather than a switch
  • New lighting (just haven't seen anything that speaks to me)
  • Install the above the range microwave. We got THE one we wanted at an amazing price, but just have not had the time to do it

Let's talk about durability because, quite honestly, we put a lot of labor into this and the last thing we would want it for it not to hold up.

As mentioned above, cabinets were painted with Americana Décor Satin Enamel Paint. We were provided the paint for this project, but my opinions are my own and, I have to say, this paint is amazing. The prep is minimal. We have nearly 100 year old, previously painted cabinets so I was a bit hesitant. Basically, though, all I did was sand with a medium grit paper and wipe clean. This paint goes on beautifully without obvious brush strokes and requires no poly. That right there is the absolute best. NO. POLY. The cabinets have held up perfectly, even when Mr. Figgy decided to jump on the counter, but there was no counter installed yet and so he slid down the cabinets claws out.  Not even a mark.

I just want to quickly mention the backsplash (or lack there of). I think there is a lot going on in this kitchen so I am hesitant to add in yet another element. To deal with that on a temporary/permanent basis (haven't decided which yet), I painted the laminate backsplash. I seriously thought this would be a disaster but it turned out to be quite the opposite. I've used Zinsser on a couple of projects and it is, by far the best primer I have ever worked with. It's oil based so a bit strong smelling, but worth it. It can be used as a base for latex paint so that is awesome. I applied one coat of the primer and two coats of paint and it is solid. I cannot even scratch any paint off and have been able to clean with soap and water. So. Good.

So there you have it. The first floor of our old farmhouse has come leaps and bounds in the year+ we have owned it. Still left to tackle is the half bath, but it something neither of us want to even think about in the cold winter months.

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