Thursday, January 5, 2017

Rustic, Modern, DIY Barn Quilt

Behind the scenes here at Number Fifty-Three we have been chatting about barn quilts for some time. While they aren't really popular here in the northeast, they are quite prevalent in the Midwest (where Darrell is actually from), and I did get to see some first hand when we went to Indiana last fall.

I've been wanting to add one to our home for some time now since we do have an old farmhouse, but wanted to make it my own; incorporating that modern and rustic combination that I love so much.

I knew I wanted to make it entirely out of wood (even the pattern) versus the typical taping off and painting by hand.

We started by cutting our plywood square in our desired size from 1/2" plywood and giving it several coats of stain and a poly finish.

Next, we cut our shapes (based on an inspiration picture I found) from the 5.5mm underlayment. We cut 5 squares and then cut four into triangles.

Lastly, we cut 1x2 common board into four pieces for the frame.

Note: when I say we cut...that means Darrell cut, because I wanted this done right the first time.

The shapes and frame got two coats of an heirloom white spray paint and then I distressed them to bring the natural wood grain back.

Lastly, it was time to assemble.  We put all four sides of the frame together using the brass corner brackets (I wanted these placed in the front for a more decorative and modern feel).

Totally unrelated to the project, but loving the rustic, boho simplicity of the mantel right now.

We then assembled the quilt using wood glue and brad nails. Simply find the center of your base and build your pattern off of that. (I touched up the nail heads with spray paint on an artist's brush once we were through.)

To attach the frame to the base, we fit the finished quilt into the frame and used T plates to attach it from the back.

Darrell really got my vision on this one, based on a quick sketch and my ramblings of wanting it old, yet modern.

So, what exactly makes it modern? I think it was the use of the brass corner brackets (as I mentioned above). Brass tends to be seen in more vintage and modern design. Also, the fact that I created it in a 3D fashion and kept my finishes incredibly neutral helped add to the modern vibe.

We haven't forgotten about that the barn wood table. Sometimes life gets in the way of DIY, but its on the horizon.

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