Monday, July 24, 2017

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Progress

Hi everyone!

I thought I would take a little time on this chilly and wet Monday morning to update you all on our living room progress.

After I posted rug options (here) I ended up ordering the winner (based on all the comments I received on social media), which also happened to be my favorite.

I also ordered the new chairs and slipcover. (You can get the links to all of the items here.)

So far, the rug and chairs have arrived and I've set them up in the room. The chair we previously had (which was a companion to the couch) found a new home with my mom.

The slipcover still has a couple of weeks before it arrives, and will be white like my inspiration picture, so this is truly an in process post.

I'm loving the juxtaposition of the more modern elements (rug, chairs, mirrors) with the rustic coffee table, shiplapped wall and woven baskets.

So, here's what's still on my to do list:

1. Remove the sconces on either side of the couch and replace with table lamps. I've already ordered these. No matter how I styled the tables I wasn't happy and felt they needed to be grounded with lamps.

2. Find a new overhead fixture...I'm close to a decision, but want to wait until the lamps arrive first.

3. Order a new pillow for the couch. Since I didn't go with any of the oriental rugs in my previous post, I'm going to bring the colors and textures in through pillows.

4. Paint the sideboard the TV is on (not pictured). The gray just doesn't flow how I want it to. I'm thinking an antique white instead.

5.  Shorten the curtains. I can't stand the amount of dust and cat fur they attract since they are bunched up on the floor.

6. Accessorize. This is an ongoing, rearranging, tweaking thing that I just love to do.

So far, I feel very pleased with the direction the room is headed in. I think this represents my style the best and it has been a struggle for me to get to this point in this house!

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